Sponsor a Child

Kisima’s director reports that once the children know they have a sponsor they hold their heads higher, have a spring in their step, and show a renewed dedication to their schoolwork. Sponsor a child for $300 per year. Younger students require two sponsors for full support while older students need at least three. The cost of books and exams during their last two years is quite high. Sponsor a teacher for $400 per year. Each teacher needs four sponsors for full support. When you choose or are assigned a child it would be great to write a letter to introduce yourself and include a photo. The kids LOVE to receive photos. Please do not send packages because they may not arrive. The address to send letters and photos is Kisima Academy, P.O. Box 74, Postal Code 50211, Naitiri, Kenya.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Kisima has been blessed with some wonderful support recently. Most significantly the Endowment Fund at Shiloh United Methodist Church in Kokomo, Indiana, sent a large donation. Also I was able to send money from several of my wonderful friends, from our church (Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church), and from my wonderful bunco group! Thanks to all this support, the two new classrooms will be finished (roofs, windows, and doors), the well made deeper and lined with brick, blankets and mosquito nets bought for the children, and food and operating costs covered until the new crops come in in November.

Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible. What a difference in the lives of these forgotten children!

Just one year ago Kisima consisted of three mud classrooms, a rickety latrine, and no water source. They've come a long way but there's still a long way to go. Kisima now has 98 children, 81 of whom are orphans who are housed in three rented rooms. They sleep on empty sacks on the floor. The greatest needs now are for another latrine and two more classrooms to be used as a dormitory. Oh, and a shelter finished for Barb the cow!

Martin writes: "...I am now having a deep sleep because we are completing roofing, doors and window frames. The children...will be comfortable during rain season.Oh! let God bless you and all friends who responded positively towards assisting the orphans at Kisima."

"...You have changed Kisima significantly. I take this opportunity to thank and appreciate the Christ Our Savior church and friends for supporting Kisima orphans.How we pray that God reward all church members and friends as they continue to support Kisima."