Sponsor a Child

Kisima’s director reports that once the children know they have a sponsor they hold their heads higher, have a spring in their step, and show a renewed dedication to their schoolwork. Sponsor a child for $300 per year. Younger students require two sponsors for full support while older students need at least three. The cost of books and exams during their last two years is quite high. Sponsor a teacher for $400 per year. Each teacher needs four sponsors for full support. When you choose or are assigned a child it would be great to write a letter to introduce yourself and include a photo. The kids LOVE to receive photos. Please do not send packages because they may not arrive. The address to send letters and photos is Kisima Academy, P.O. Box 74, Postal Code 50211, Naitiri, Kenya.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kisima celebrates Christmas

From Martin:
"The time has come, the time is now, and Kisima Academy is joining the rest of the world to celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Kisima children, staff, and my family joined hands together to remember a wonderful moment as it occurs on December 25th every year: Jesus born and crucified because of our sins so that we are saved.
The sermon was presented by Madam Margaret from the book of Luke 2:11-20. The teaching touched the hearts of the children and they counted the blessings from God through our friends from the United States of America. Their lives have changed drastically and we glorify Our Lord. They are able to feed, being taught how to farm and carry out the necessary procedures leading to successful yields. These skills will be advantageous for them when they grow up and after completing their education. As many families travel to various picnic places to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Kisima children move around the school compound and praise the Lord for providing the necessities to them, that is, permanent shelter, clothes, food, and education.
We thank God for making for making, maintaining, uplifting, and sustaining Kisima to the required standards. This becomes practical because of the hearts that God has touched on the behalf of Kisima. I take this chance to appreciate all the prayers, donations, and all the support from our friends, well-wishers, and sponsors for sharing the little they have with the Kisima children. May our Lord God reward them in a mighty way as they continue standing together with Kisima. God bless."

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo of school

Here is a photo of the school from across the road.
The first four classrooms are on the left, the old mud classrooms are in the middle, and the two new classrooms are on the right. The small building in front of the new classrooms is the kitchen. The cow shelter and chicken coop are on the other side of the school buildings.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Preschool classroom finished (almost)

The preschool classroom is finished except for the door, windows, and floor which will be installed with the next wire transfer. Such a blessing to be able to finish two classrooms this year!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Alternative Gifts

Please brighten the lives of the children and honor your friends and relatives this Christmas with a gift to Kisima Academy in their name. A lot of progress has been made but there are still many needs to be met. Your gift, no matter how small, will be a huge help. Please remember that 100% of your donation goes directly to Kisima and is tax deductible.
1. $10--School supplies for one child.
2. $13--Feed a child for one month. Kisima is able to produce much of its food but there are still items that have to be purchased—for example fruit, millet for porridge, and vegetable oil.
3. $18—A flock of chickens. Currently there are only enough chickens for each child to have an egg every two weeks.
4. $25 for one month or $300 for a year—Sponsor a teacher. So far only two of the teachers have sponsors. Click on "Sponsor an orphan program" at right to see photos of the teachers as well as of the orphans.
5. $35—400 bricks for building a new classroom. A new classroom must be built each year as the children advance in school.
6. $35—Textbooks for one child.
7. $40—10% of a cow. More cows are needed to provide enough milk for the children.
8. $115—A bunk bed plus bedding. Martin has been buying two or three bunk beds at a time as funds have allowed but still many of the children are sleeping on the floor.
9. $240/year—Sponsor a child. A few children have sponsors but there are 92 who are still waiting to hear that someone prays for and cares about them. Click on "Sponsor an orphan program" link at right to see photos.
10. Any amount toward other needs—tables, chairs, bookshelves, cooking pots, school uniforms, sandals, toys, art supplies, seeds, fertilizer, two more latrines, two dormitories, two more tilapia ponds.

Please send your check to Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church, 260 Wade Rd. W., Loudon TN 37774. Include a note with your email address and which gifts you would like to purchase. Thank you so much.