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Kisima’s director reports that once the children know they have a sponsor they hold their heads higher, have a spring in their step, and show a renewed dedication to their schoolwork. Sponsor a child for $300 per year. Younger students require two sponsors for full support while older students need at least three. The cost of books and exams during their last two years is quite high. Sponsor a teacher for $400 per year. Each teacher needs four sponsors for full support. When you choose or are assigned a child it would be great to write a letter to introduce yourself and include a photo. The kids LOVE to receive photos. Please do not send packages because they may not arrive. The address to send letters and photos is Kisima Academy, P.O. Box 74, Postal Code 50211, Naitiri, Kenya.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

November 27, 2011 Alternative Gifts

Alternative Gifts 2011

Please brighten the lives of the children and honor your friends and relatives this Christmas with gifts to Kisima Academy in their names. Much progress has been made but there are still many needs to be met. Your gift, no matter how small, will be a huge help. Please remember that 100% of your donation goes directly to Kisima and is tax deductible.
1. $10--School supplies for one child.
2. $13--Feed a child for one month. Kisima is able to produce much of its food but there are still items like fruit that have to be purchased.
3. $18—A flock of chickens. More chickens means more eggs for the children.
4. $25 for one month or $300 for a year—Sponsor a teacher. Click on "Sponsor an orphan program" at right to see photos of the teachers as well as of the orphans.
5. $35—400 bricks for building a new classroom. A new classroom must be built each year as the children advance in school.
6. $35—Textbooks for one child.
7. $40—10% of a cow. More cows are needed to provide enough milk for the children.
8. $50--Contribution toward playground equipment. Currently the only play equipment the children have are a few soccer balls and a few jump ropes.
9. $240/year—Sponsor a child. Many children have sponsors but there are 77 who are still waiting to hear that someone prays for and cares about them. Click on "Sponsor an orphan program" link at right to see photos.
10. Any amount toward other needs—tables, benches, bookshelves, chairs, school uniforms, sandals, toys, art supplies, first aid kits.
Please send your check to Bright Star Foundation, P.O. Box 6747, Kokomo IN 46904-6747 and specify that it is for Kisima Academy. Include a note with your email address and which gifts you would like to purchase. Thank you so much for being a blessing to the children at Kisima Academy.

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